Some of the poppy, future music that’s hitting the mainstream avenues is a bit watered down for my taste. There’s a distinct brand that artists are going for, and so far none of them have hit the nail on the head quite like Julie Bergan. There are numerous reasons why she is nominated for MTV’s Best Norwegian Act, and one of those is “Arigato.”

Not only do we get the song of “Arigato,” but we get a music video as well. The video is visually entertaining, but I think the song is where the real gold is at. Julie is at the center of the song and video, pulling us in with her magnificent performance. She has certainly got a shot at winning the MTV title, after which she can express her thanks by simply stating the title of her record. With this record came some international success, that continues to grow. Here in the dojo, we wish her well and hope she can make her way to the USA real quick!

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