Back in April we shared with you an album by the name of Toothpick from an artist named Kai Straw. The ten track LP was solid from beginning to end, making it hard to pick a favorite. That’s when you know it’s special. One of the ones that did stick out to us though, was “Don’t Tread On Me.” Today, we’re happy to share with you a music video for that single.

Kai Straw is a man of many talents, which is why he went ahead and directed this incredible video himself. “Don’t Tread On Me” in its visual form is more than just any old music video. It tells a tale, and portrays a situation that millions of women find themselves in every year. Domestic violence is no joke. It’s a hot topic that can turn people away in an instant, but Kai handles it with grace and attention to detail, always keeping in mind his respect for anybody who is being affected by this problem. Not only that, but he delves into the complexities of abusive relationships all while creating a visual art piece that you’ll watch again and again. We already have; now it’s your turn.

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