I hate to be so critical on indie artists but when bands opt to do DIY music videos, it usually leads to a corny disaster. Even with a production team, not often do we see the very styles and personality of each group member come across on screen as it does in their music. The brand new music video of Brooklyn’s own indie band Kid Savant, is the perfect example of when things do go right.

Inspired by a plate that fell to the floor at a Thanksgiving dinner, the band decided to create what they call “the worlds first free fall concept music video”. From its playful introduction of a flying piano falling from the sky to the quirky acrobatics and dramatic stares from lead singer Ryan Weisberger, they entire experience is a joy to watch. The video was produced, written and directed by the band with the helps from two aerial cinematographers. Still, when a group of guys have enough talent to come together and produce a memorable song, chances are they have what it takes to make a memorable video.

“4 Years” is the first single off Kid Savant’s upcoming debut EP “Drop It on the Stereo” out October 2011.

Pay-what-you-want: Kid Savant – 4 Years (Bandcamp)

’4 Years.mp3′
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