Logan Henderson‘s single “Bite My Tongue” came out in the middle of September and has since received praise from media, as well as plenty of plays from fans. Although it’s only his second solo single, Logan has quickly established himself with this endeavor. Today we’ve got the music on top of his brand new music video.

For those who are new to “Bite My Tongue” it’s a well done track created in fusing genres like electronic, pop and indie. Logan’s distinct style is clearly evident in this. With the music video we get to see a dark portrayal of the London streets. To be honest it feels more like a full on Hollywood production than a music video, telling a story instead of simply adding a stimulating visual component to a song. It’s very well done. Take a peek below and add this to your Spotify playlist if you haven’t yet!

Bite My Tongue (Explicit) by Logan Henderson on VEVO.

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