The up and coming creator Midoca out of LA has just released a music video for his new single “Something In The Way” that just might clear a path for him to the top. With this emotive musical/visual package Midoca offers up his most tantalizing project to date in honor of one of the greatest bands of all time, Nirvana.

“Something In The Way” in its audio form is a brooding, cerebral phantasm of shadowy tones and textures. It’s gloomy mood infiltrates your body and gives you chilled, lasting goosebumps. The video does much of the same, pushing mystifying imagery into your eyeballs that stick to the screen as though they were glued. Overall the video is very simple, but sometimes – including this time – there’s extraordinary power in its minimalism. If you’re looking to get a copy of “Something In The Way” then head on over to the digital platform of your choice.

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