Let You Go (Andromulus Remix)

Japanese artist and Manchester resident MYLK came out with her Dream Catcher EP a few months ago, but soon a remix EP will be coming out for the project. One of those remixes you get to hear early by way of a Music Ninja Premiere. DC basshead Andromulus is one of the many remixers on the package, but his superb dubstep take on “Let You Go” really blew us away. Andromulus plays this one a little more straightforward than his usual hybrid tendencies, and the result is a dirty beast of a record.

We should clarify, as the introduction and verses are super clean, with a light upbeat sound that really juxtaposes what we hear at the drop. It gives the song a nice mixture of emotions that adds a ton of depth. Remixes need to do the original justice, and Andromulus without a doubt did that here. Tomorrow you will be able to get this track, as the EP will be released on Valentine’s Day. Could be a good little present if your partner is a bass-lover!

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