When the post metal band ISIS disbanded, I was heartbroken. My friends tried to introduce me to other potential love-affair bands—Pelican, Russian Circles, Old Man Gloom. I was flattered, but I wasn’t ready. I mean, they’re cool bands and I do enjoy listening to them, but not on that level. They just weren’t my beloved ISIS. I almost gave up hope. Then came Native Daughters…

I may finally be getting over my heart break, because I’ve got a little crush on Native Daughters! The five piece band (two guitarists, a bassist and two drummers) offer lots to listen to, and to fall for, in this album.

“War Elephant,” the track which the album is named , contains a nod to influential post metal bands like ISIS and Neurosis by showcasing a slightly Old Western sound: The song opens with a brief narrative by what sounds like an old cowboy, spinning a story about a dream he had about being on horseback on a snowy pass, before launching into the music. The song moves the listener from twangy guitar riffs to crushing throbs of electric fury all carried by intricate, interlacing tribal drumming from two percussionists.

Native Daughters offers a little variety in other places of the album. “The Glowing” starts off with an uplifting excerpt from a speech about human consciousness, then builds a triumphant song with top shelf drumming and twinkling, high note guitar riffs that remind the listener a little of Explosions in the Sky and Red Sparrow. In other tracks like “Special Sauce,” Native Daughters provides a more feel good melody that reminds the listener of a more accessible Don Caballero.

Although Native Daughers may be still finding their musical identity throughout their debut album, their soul searching is natural for a freshman effort. And it’s a hell of a lot of fun to listen to their existential search!

In summation, Native Daughters a keeper; the kind of post metal band you can bring home to Mom and Dad: That is, if mom and dad don’t mind a little head banging!

’Native Daughters – GDS’
’Native Daughters – The Glowing’
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