There is nothing more enjoyable than seeing absolute pioneers in their genre come together for a collaboration. Our favorite UK dubstep produer, Rusko is joining forces with one of the most popular west coast groups in hip/hop, Cypress Hill.

Dubstep has been able to absorb many genres to create completely new nuances. While many artists have tried to jump on the dubstep bandwagon and failed (Korn comes to mind), there are still promising acts that with its collective genius protect them from ever failing. We can’t think of a better collab.

“I think dubstep is a natural progression of hip-hop,” says Sen Dog. “Especially the way that we formulated it with Rusko, there’s definitely some roughness to it.” With the release of the 5-track EP combining the devastating beats of Rusko alongside Cypress Hills signature sound, ‘Cypress x Rusko‘ not only shows incredible promise, but it pushes to genres two step further.

‘Cypress x Rusko’ will be released in April

’Cypress x Rusko — Cypress x Rusko – Roll It_ Light It.mp3′
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