Last year Dirty Projectors, in an interview with Spin, hinted that they had developed a sort of dark side while working on their sixth studio effort. There are a few things about this record that are unique though. One of them is the afformentioned dark side- as shown in their recent single “Gun Has No Trigger”. The other is that this record can hardly be called a “studio effort” at all… it was recorded in upstate New York in the confines of a log cabin- without the gloss and comfort of a real “studio”.

My guess is that the darker feel came in to the music through cabin fever and the organic, creepy, white noises that wood structures generate insesently. The album, titled Swing Lo Magellan, is rumored for a 9/10 release from Domino Records and the mystery surrounding the recording process, paired with “Gun Has No Trigger”, have me really looking forward to streaming the whole thing.

’Dirty Projectors – Gun Has No Trigger’
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