Sam Beam is a man who needs no introduction. Over his eight year career he (or rather his stage name Iron & Wine) has reached the point in his career where he is nearly synonymous with the modern folk genre. He plans to change this with his new album “Kiss Each Other Clean.” While 2007’s “The Shepherd’s Dog” was a departure from the acoustic styling of his previous two albums, I have the oddest feeling it will be remembered as the “Bringing It All Back Home” of Iron & Wine’s career. With “Kiss Each Other Clean” Iron & Wine is going electric, and as witnessed by the opening track which was released last Friday, it’s going to be fantastic.

The song—“Walking Far From Home”—has the magnificent lyrics we’ve come to associate with Iron & Wine, but with the added benefit of a polished backing instrumentation rarely seen among most musical acts today. It, much like the previous efforts of Iron & Wine, embodies beauty.

MP3: Iron & Wine – Walking Far From Home


Iron & Wine – Flightless Bird, American Mouth

’Flightless Bird American Mouth’

Iron & Wine – Half Moon
’Iron & Wine – Half Moon’
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