With Lorde‘s “Royals” rapidly rising up the charts, it seems like a better time than ever to be a part of her “Team.” Deciding to capitalize on her success, the young songstress felt particularly inspired to unleash her brand new single late last night. “Team” is a bouncy, infectious tune that follows in the same vein as its popular predecessor. With its rattling drums and glimmering synths, it won’t take very long for this one to get stuck in your head. I’ll let Lorde handle the rest of the description herself though:

i am in paris as i release this. every street we drive down makes my eyes pop with the most incredible things carved in stone, and gilded on pillars, and wrought with metal; the heroes and heroines of this city aren’t so hard to find. this song’s are a little more mismatched, less classic courtesans on their pedestals, but nonetheless brilliant. this song is kinda of that world, and at the same time, very much of this one. enjoy.
“Team” is currently available for purchase on iTunes (strictly in Australia for now).

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