Alien Days

Seems like forever ago that MGMT‘s classic album, 2007’s Oracular Spectacular, came out and took the indie music scene for a psychedelic, acid-rock filled ride. Their sophomore LP, Congratulations, dropped in 2010 but despite fans’ rejoice, it never did seem to garner as much accolades as the debut. But, now this year the band’s gearing up to put out a new record and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t more than just a little bit curious. Their new single “Alien Days”, revealed amidst all the Record Store Day festivities this past weekend, is our first taste of the new album and points to more explorations in the realm of wacky, trippy, tie-dyed spectrums of color. What we mean to say is, if you liked MGMT before, you’ll likely keep on digging them with this song. Tune in.

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