It’s hard for me to put words together when I talk about Miike Snow. The Indie Pop group consisting of the captivating vocals of front man Andrew Wyatt and the cheerful and talented production of Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg. The Swedish pop trio have revealed a follow-up LP to their 2009 debut, titled ‘Happy To You’. Just a few hours after the complete internet black out yesterday (against SOPA), Miike Snow dropped their the second single ‘Paddling Out’ on their soundcloud. ‘Paddling Out’ is perhaps not at the caliber of their larger-than-life first single ‘Devil’s Work’, leaving much to be desired, but not a whole lot. Including a heavily dance-pop instrumentation, lead singer Andrew swerves through the track providing an element of catchy-ness that the band have distinctively displayed from the beginning.

That LP is due out March 27th via Downtown/Universal.

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