muchuu band
Yes, the brother and sister duo ‘Muchuu’ appear relatively young and innocent in the picture above but they very well make up for it with their musical maturity. Lead singer and lyricist Milky along with her brother George on keyboard/synth are able to genuenly accomplish what they set out to do; to make a melodically rich soundtrack for your imagination. “Somebody Tell Me” is not only an amaznig example of their talent but illustrates their direction to create dreamy innocent melodies about appreciating the smaller things in life.

Muchuu pronounced “Moo-chew” are due to release their debut single Somebody Tell Me on the 30th November. While I have only heard less than a handful of songs from them, “Somebody Tell Me” is definitely one of our favorites.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any downloadable songs for us to give out, but we are definitely keeping an eye out for Muchuu’s upcoming release.

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