Stockholm band Sailor & I have carved a niche for themselves with their thematic indie music. Their first release, John Franklin, paid homage to the late, great, explorer through song while simultaneously putting the band on the map. For their third release, the band has teamed up with Swedish producer Alexander Sjödin, and really let him take the reigns from song writing to production. The Tough Love EP, set for release toward the end of March 2012,  is supposed to be as much a musical journey for the listener as it is for the band- who employed a new range of instruments, including a string quartet, to further mature their sound.

The title track from the EP “Tough Love” is a mesh of emotions that swim laps around the idea that love is tough and hard to hold onto. The music kind of sounds like what you would get if you put Noah And The Whale, Bon Iver, and Aztec Camera in a blender and digitally mixed what came out. The song really takes off at about the one minute mark, with the introduction of the first chorus, and musically shines through the murky waters of the angst driven lyrics until coming to full fruition in the bridge.

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