Four months is already a long time to wait for the feel good rhymes of one of our favorite indie rappers/songwriters Hoodie Allen. The wait is finally over and starting a new year has never felt this great. Dreaming up and dreaming big, Hoodie Allen first single off his forthcoming mix-tape Leap Year is a warm and hopeful track capable of turning your day around and the fact that he choose to sample Oh Land’s White Nights, increases my respect and admiration for him tenfold. As a self described music nerd, It is really his ability to cross between genres, create powerful hip/hop anthems and break from the typical arrogance displayed in current mainstream hip/hop today that sets Hoodie apart from the rest. With only eighteen days in, 2011 feels like the year for Hoodie Allen already.

Hoodie Allen – “Dreams Up”

’01 Dreams Up.mp3′
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Hoodie Allen