On December 2010 Joel Thomas Zimmerman, better known as Deadmau5, released his fifth album 4×4=12 on Ultra Records. Coming in at track number 7, ‘Cthulu Sleeps’ contained a hypnotic flurry of strong wobbles that paired with Deadmau5 gritty bassline, created a very strong and aggressive impressions on the ears of fans everywhere. For me, it was one of my favorite tracks as it showcased his distinctive progressive house talents to its very core. With ‘Cthulhu Sleeps’ being almost 13 months years old now, just yesterday Deadmau5 released a similar yet incredably sinister follow up called ‘Cthulhu Dreams’. Most of the soft strings were removed leaving behind a strongly seductive and heavily filtered bass that quite frankly sounds like the evil twin of the original. Enjoy

Download: Deadmau5 – Cthulhu Dreams

’Cthulhu Dreams.mp3′
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