Marian Hill

Cool, smooth, perfect on the palate, leaving you wanting more.

Am I talking about a smooth drink? Well, that is the title of Marian Hill’s song titled “Whiskey”. But no, I was actually talking about their music.

MH is made up of Philadelphia musicians Jeremy Lloyd and Samantha Gongol. This duo has come up with a hip-hop, beat vibe sound with the beautifully seducing lyrics of Gongol. This song starts with a simple drum beat, then Gongol slowly begins her captivation over listeners with her sound and lyrics saying, “You are my whiskey, I will make you mine…”. The song follows a break pattern, with the song stopping every thirty seconds or so giving the song a story telling like feel to it. This song is simple, simply beautiful that is. MH is very new and this is their first song but I guarantee you, this whiskey, bluesy, lullaby of theirs is just the first in along line of smooth drinks.

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