“I’m very proud of this as my first real LP, and the statement it makes. It fully represents where I’ve come to as an electronic artist.” said Vancouver’s Teen Daze, in an interview, speaking of his forthcoming release titled All Of Us, Together. Turning his eyes from a long string of EP’s to a more unified work of cohesive electronic music is, not so much a challenge as it is a landmark for the artist; who has publicly claimed the new album as a statement of self realization and utopian dreams, calling it “synthetic music with a heart”.

The first released single “Brooklyn Sunburn” is a great example of the sentiment Teen Daze has been trying to invoke, bursting with quick paced snares, keys, and synth textures mesmerize and enchant. The song is on point and liquid, reshaping itself with every subtle change to the beat, embracing the joys of utopia, awareness , and well placed tambourine.

“Brooklyn Sunburn” is available for free download HERE. 

All Of Us, Together is set for release on May 22nd 2012.

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