Dodos have been on our radar for a while now, ever since we flagged up their excellent track ‘Men’ in 2009. Now they’re set to return with the glorious ‘Don’t Stop’, which features Neko Case of The New Pornographers on backing vocals. The lush experimental side of Dodos is still there on this song, but the frenetic guitars sound like a mentally-hyperactive Mumford & Sons, and give ‘Don’t Stop’ a slightly poppier edge. If people say Dodos sound like a band aiming for the big time with ‘Don’t Stop’, it’s because they are a band that truly deserve a place as one of folk’s finest.

‘Don’t Stop’ is featured on the forthcoming album ‘No Color’, available on Frenchkiss Records from March 15.

The Dodos – Don’t Stop (featuring Neko Case)

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