The Glitch Mob have partnered with Lollapalooza to exclusively premiere a FREE MP3 download the first single, “Warrior Concerto,” from their forthcoming EP, “We Can Make The World Stop,” which is set to be released July 12th on the band’s own Glass Air imprint.

“Warrior Concerto” is a larger than life symphonic anthem with complex string progressions and the haunting bassline the Glitch Mob is known for incorporating. It almost feels like there will be an attack to the very own definition of what The Glitch Mob is and this song is only getting them ready for a devastating melodic war.

We actually caught up with the trio again for an interview at EDC Las Vegas and all things point to an eventful summer and winter.

The Glitch Mob – Warrior Concerto

’The Glitch Mob — Warrior Concerto.mp3′
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