Simply mind-blowing. The city of San Francisco gives us so much…being a NorCal boy myself, I was super stoked that The M Machine hails from the city by the bay. Home to The Love Parade, a handful of good electronic radio stations and one of my favorite clubs ever (The End Up), it’s no surprise this city produced The M Machine. Formerly known as Metropolis, The M Machine dropped their first song off their upcoming EP on their Soundcloud page. Rich with delicious bass, hints of progressive beats and ridiculously banging, if this is a preview of what is due out on their EP later this year we are all in for a treat.

The file for this track is kind of high standing at 14K for the 6 minute song, but you’ll appreciate the intricacies of the production of this song so much more with a great set of headphones.

The M Machine – Trafalgar

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