The Weeknd

Despite his rise to stardom in recent years, The Weeknd still remains a relatively engimatic and unpredictable character. With his first tweet in nearly a month, the Canadian crooner decided to drop off a freebie for his fans, providing very few details at all other than the song’s name. Abel has always been one to let the music do the talking for him however, so as always, we’ll have to wait to hear more about the track’s origins.

The illustrious new single stays true to the typical Weeknd tropes, and details his sexual preference, which unsurprisingly, is “Often.” Featuring a bouncy, trap-inspired backdrop that’s far more upbeat than the ominous, often cinematic efforts off his recent album Kiss Land, the tune seems more in line with the material we became accustomed to hearing during his earlier projects, but with a little added flair.

Download the addicting new tune above, and stay tuned for details on any new projects that he may have in the works.

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The Weeknd