The Weeknd is back today with yet another brand new bonus track from Trilogy, coming courtesy of BBC Radio 1. Like the previous release, this one takes us on a complex, emotional tour through The Weeknd’s conscience. On “Valerie,” Abel struggles with the emotional toil associated with being unfaithful. Although the act itself seems familiar to him, the guilt involved is foreign, and he details the effect these new feelings coursing through his mind have on his actions. To make matters worse, both parties know the other’s lying about the illicit relationship or the knowledge of its existence, yet they continue to push on in their relationship despite the presence of the elephant in the room. It’s definitely a telling tale that’s been done countless times in music, but for some reason everything seems fresh once The Weeknd laces the track with his vocal prowess.

The Weeknd continues to grow and mature as an artist, and if you’d like to hear more where this came from, make sure to pick up Trilogy when it drops next week on November 13th.

’The Weeknd – Valerie’
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