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No discussion of Future Islands can, or should, get around Samuel T. Herring’s gravel-throated, soulful howl of a voice. Talking or writing about the Future Islands frontman’s vocal delivery usually takes the form of a race for the most ironic pairing of pop-culture icons: “This dude sounds like Alexander S.F Marshall from Daughters fronting the Knife” or, “More like if Tom Waits and Clint Eastwood had a baby who went on to sing in New Order.” Having a scene-stealing frontman is clearly not a point against the Baltimore based trio. Future Islands recently signed with Thrill Jockey after attracting significant buzz in the already teeming beehive of artists associated with Dan Deacon’s Wham City art collective. Despite all the talk of how “over-the-top” this album is, it is difficult to find an album this year that delivers a clearer or more cohesive musical statement. There is not a second of filler on this album, each movement is a calculated development to tell a story or communicate a feeling. Read full review at inyourspeakers.comIn Evening Air (Dig)

In Evening Air was released by Thrill Jockey on May 4, 2010

Future Islands – Tin Man

’Future Islands – Tin Man’

Bonus (2009): Future Islands – Little Dreamer (Jones Remix) [Ft. Victoria Legrand]

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