Unknown (feat. Vanessa Elisha) [Off upcoming VINYL/EP]

There’s very few artists we’d immediately drop everything at hand for, but you can be certain that XXYYXX and Vanessa Elisha are two of them. The 18 year old producer has been experimenting with quite an array of varying sounds over the last few months, but this latest effort finds him returning to some of his lo-fi roots as he links up with the Aussie native on “Unknown.” After one listen, it’s safe to say this collaboration left us breathless. After two listens, well, we’d rather not divulge what that did to us. Fusing together a unique mix of brooding, wavy production with Vanessa’s sultry vocals, the young Floridian creates a hypnotizing concoction that’ll definitely leave you begging for more.

Ever the man of mystery, the enigmatic producer has spared us very few details about the release, though he has dropped a couple of hints about what the future holds for him. While the title of this song is “Unknown,” we do know that it’ll be on an upcoming yet-to-be-named vinyl EP. Though some more information would be nice, we’ve learned to accept what we can get out of the talented musician.

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Vanessa Elisha