It is hard to believe that jet setting DJ / producer Zedd is only 21 years old. The scale and complexity of his songs brings to mind a veteran producer with a young spirit, but perhaps it is the other way around. I read an interesting interview with Zedd recently in which he described his sound as “complextro”, a new style of production where at least 9 oscillators are layered harmoniously to achieve the big room sound. In any case he is certainly one of the brightest rising stars in the EDM scene today and his electro tunes should keep getting better and better as time goes on.

Today we depart from the typical Zedd style and bring you an unusual rendition of his song “Stars Come Out” by Canadian dubstep giant Datsik. Through utilizing hype man stabs and lighting fast, siren-style dubstep basslines, Datsik takes this track into exciting new places while maintaing a relatively uplifting, happy vibe, which I would consider to be a departure for him. This is definitely one of the most unique dubstep tracks I’ve heard in a while and I hope you enjoy it.

Zedd – Stars Come Out (Datsik Remix)

’Zedd – Stars Come Out (Datsik Remix)’
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