With their debut single hitting the blogosphere just three months ago, Nightseason is an act you probably haven’t caught wind of just yet. After today, though, you should have them fully on your radar.

Comprised of Jordan Caiola and Patrick Zeinali, this duo wrote their debut EP over emails, without ever having met in person. It all began when Patrick (drummer turned producer) was scanning through Spotify for a voice that fit his vision for this new project. Stumbling across Jordan from the indie rock outfit Mo Lowda and the Humble, this new duo was born, bonding over recent break ups, and a love for doing something unique in the alt-rock space.

Today’s offering is their second release and it doesn’t take long for it to crawl under your skin. “Strangers” comes to life quickly with a glowing lead riff, playful claps, and slow-n-steady percussion, followed by lyrics that are easy to bank and sing along to. It quickly makes a lasting impact, one that you’ll find yourself reaching for shortly after the first listen.

‘Strangers’ was written during a major turning point in my life. I was in between jobs, my 3+ year relationship ended, and I moved from my hometown into the city of Philadelphia. It was the first time in a while that I really had the chance to fully experience the single lifestyle. ‘Strangers’ revolves around the concept that two people who could eventually end up in a very intimate, meaningful (or sometimes superficial and fleeting) relationship at some point… ALWAYS start the same way – as strangers.” -Jordan

As of right now, you’re on the Nightseason train early. Per usual, we recommend you follow these cats across all channels — Spotify, Soundcloud, and Facebook.

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