Nine Inch Nails
Closer (Nick Evol Remix)

With festival season upon us, producers are bringing out the big remixes/edits. Most are aiming at current pop or R&B hits, but Nick Evol took a different approach with his remix. He brought back a classic from Nine Inch Nails and transformed it into an industrial electro delicacy.

The dark sound of the re-imagined “Closer” must have been inspired by the likes of Rezz, but Nick’s own sound is unique from his influences. He takes them a step further and in a different direction, capitalizing on his singularity instead of simply treating this as a knock-off remix. This is just the flip out of left field that we’ve been looking for and doing justice to NIN is not an easy thing, but Nick pulled this one off nicely. We’re happy to premiere it to you today, along with the opportunity for you to download it for free!

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