A few months back we premiered Niteppl‘s “Shadows”, a dark, electro-pop jam off their sophomore album Nu Flesh. The San Francisco duo dropped the project shortly after and it felt like the perfect elaboration on that sound keeping things hazy, yet synth-filled and addicting, with an embedded narrative through out. “Whispers,” the follow-up single, has been making its rounds among tastemakers and radio stations in the Bay Area and we’re excited to have the premiere of its official video–the first ever visuals from Niteppl.

Matching the 80s-coated vibe of the project, the video begins in a 1982 San Francisco motel with its protagonists, a couple in the midst of a forlorn love affair. As the song’s potency emerges so does the emotional intensity and storyline of the video with a slew of cocaine-and-romance induced ups and downs. Director Eugene S.B. does a fantastic job of building the narrative and maintaining a consistent aesthetic through out as the couple try to escape the grip of what appears to be either a pimp or ex-lover. It’s a great accompaniment to what’s become a breakout song for Niteppl adding a new depth that, in many ways, changes the way we hear the track.

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