Photo Credit: Myles Pettengill

As we close out a full week of premieres from Los Angeles based indie-pop goddess Noosa, we’re sporting a big toothy grin as we start to write up what’s always been our favorite song from this album (released today). If you’re sitting down, be prepared to start grooving in your seat. If you’re standing up, give yourself plenty of room to frolic around the room. In fact, you might want to put the dogs away for this one. Well, unless you have a dog big enough to have them stand on their back legs and dance with you. In which case, grab those front paws and get ready to move.

We digress. When we first agreed to premiere each song from Wonderland one by one, we were anxiously awaiting getting to write this one up. Not that we didn’t love the entire album, but this song has undeniable charm. Charged up with space-like fluttering synths (courtesy of production wizard Mickey Valen) ‘Wildfire’ crackles with infectious incantation.

Boasting a upbeat, pop-driven sound that we fell in love with on tracks like ‘Sail,’ this song showcases Sky’s often intoxicating lyrical imagery. It won’t be long before ‘Wildfire’ is populating all kinds of playlists, including some that will carry names like “Summertime,” “Happy Place,” and “Favorites.”

Even though iTunes messed up the artist listing, we still encourage you to head out and pick it up today. For only $8.91, you can’t go wrong purchasing this stellar indie album.

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