Feel The Rain (Extended Mix)

Before there were music blogs, DJs collaborating with pop stars, and gigantic, sprawling festivals in every major city, this scene was quite different. The only time raves got their spotlight in the media was when they were being drug through the mud. You didn’t get a wristband shipped to your house in a fancy package, either. You had to wait months, if not years, to see your favorite artist come to town. When they did get booked, you would have to call a number on your ticket to see where the party was at, which, most of the time, was in the middle of nowhere.

Along with the scene itself, music has expectedly changed since then, but today’s premiere brings back feelings of youthful nostalgia from all the way back before this millennium. St. Louis-based Notaker is relatively new to the game, but he brings with him influences that go back well beyond his time. It hasn’t taken others long to notice, either, garnering label support from Tommie Sunshine’s Brooklyn Fire, Zero Three, and Jaytech’s Positronic.

It’s no secret that two of the most popular genres from the early days have fallen behind newer genres and subgenres, but “Feel The Rain” should reel some of those listeners back to trance’s enchanting allure. It does what most great trance songs do – evoke emotion. You can feel this track through every keystroke of the uplifting piano melody and each smooth rolling arc of the bassline, both of which are accentuated by calming atmospheric elements and echoing vocal samples. It’s truly a listening journey, and one that will assuredly help you through your work week.

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