17 year old French pop house producer Madeon always brings the funk. It is nothing short of amazing to find sounds so reminiscent of Justice, Daft Punk and Treasure Fingers from someone so young. This old soul must have been a 70’s funk band in his past life. His new single “Icarus” begins with one of the most epic, sweeping intros we have heard in a long time and drops into the broken beat funk house that has made Madeon an international superstar. Icarus was the mythical son of Daedalus, locked with his father inside the Labyrinth. They finally escaped using wings devised from wax but Icarus flew too close to the sun and the wax melted, plunging him to his death. Perhaps Madeon fears that he is rising to fame too fast. There are worse things to have to worry about at 17 years old if you ask us. You can catch Madeon on a world tour this spring including two performances at Coachella.

Madeon – Icarus

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