It’s pretty safe to say that whenever independent dance label PRMD Music signs an artist, they’ll be pretty special. Of course with their track record of being home to the likes of Avicii, Cazzette and iSHi, as well as the recently established sub-label ICONS, it’s clear to see why we’ve put so much stock in them. While much of their roster operate within the larger sounds of dance music, their newest act, Tundran, falls into an entirely different mold. Tundran is the indie-dance, disco and pop infused musical pairing of fellow Swedes Felix & Jakob who have professed their sound “…as a stepson of Fleetwood Mac, or maybe that weird cousin to the early Daft Punk… Definitely related to Earth, Wind and Fire too.”  With a sonic aesthetic so tightly wound and only one single (which caught on like wild-fire) released under the Tundran moniker, the duo’s musical prowess plays lightyears beyond what their modest catalog would suggest. Tundran’s latest release “Kimono” is yet another polished piece of their expanding production puzzle, blending delicate vocals with warm and nostalgic instrumentation that already has us conjuring up comparisons to the subdued reverby shades of Day Wave with the kind of technical indie precision of Holy Ghost! “Kimono” is a consummate example of pop structuring; rolling itself out upon a delicate backdrop of airy pads before rolling guitar licks and a simplistically sticky kick-clap drumline opens up the perfect amount of room for those airy vocals to permeate and round out the entire movement.

We’ll surely be keeping our eyes, and ears for that matter, towards Tundran as we wind down 2015, and we have a strong bet that 2016 will be a year with the name ‘Tundran’ emanating from countless music critics’ tongues. Enjoy “Kimono” above as a shiny new ‘TMN Premiere’ and try not to get lost in a hazy sea of electronic-indie-pop bliss. Forgive us while we swoon for a moment.

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