Found this song on a great brazilian music blog oBarulho.com and I couldnt resist but to post it rightaway. I was about to post 5-10 mash ups today but decided they were not worth it. The only one that is really AMAZING is this beautiful blend of the recognizable ‘The Office’ soundtrack song and Lil Wayne. Unlike the rest in the batch I had, Clockwork does not try to make this the next party club mix nor does he go over the top by adding extra layers of beats… he simply keeps it simple.. which in most cases, its the best way to go. Please support our friends at oBarulho.com and check them out.

Clockwork – Office Musik (Dwight K. Shrute Vs. Weezy F. Baby)

’Office Musik (Dwight K. Shrute Vs. Weezy F. Baby).mp3′

And of course, If you have been following us for a while you know how much a fan we are of the XX.. and since its been a while since we posted anything xx related, I will leave you with this:
The Xx – VCR (Matthew Dear Remix)

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