All On The Floor

As we close out our month-long residency with option4, it’s time for the feature that we’ve all been waiting for.. That’s right. It’s his collaboration with fellow Denverite, and TMN favorite, TNERTLE.

Looking back to that contest post back in early April, we knew something special was going to come out of this collaboration. With option4’s club-driven house grooves and TNERTLE’s electro-funk influences, it was only expected to hear something that perfectly combines the best of both of worlds.

“All on The Floor” has a shimmery summer vibe that’s sure to grace both dance floors and poolsides alike. With a fat, lush bassline, original vocal samples, and some groovy brass laid over, it’s sure to do exactly what it’s suggesting – get you on the floor.

As an added layer to this song, these two have graciously donated it to our friends over at Cadence & Cause. Accompanying the song is also a contest to win a night at 1UP with option4 himself, with proceeds from both going to provide clean drinking water to those in need.

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