The Melancholy Tribute Of Bodhi Paige

There’s nothing quite like finding a choice offering of beats to kick off your weekend with, especially when they happen to be brand spankin’ new. Today, we have just that for you, giving you a proper nudge into a few sweet days of unadulterated bliss with this tasty new tune.

If you’ve been following us for some time, you should be familiar with Denver-based option4. From our Artist Residency to a few premieres here and there, we’ve been longtime fans of this highly infectious artist and his dirty, clubby, and inventive house beats.

“The Melancholy Tribute of Bodhi Page” is a dusty, organic, fresh from the farmer’s market offering. Seriously, you might find yourself drawn to a flannel shirt and some locally sourced kale after a trip through this one. The crackling atmospheric elements perfectly mimic the experience of listening to your favorite vinyl record, which gives this track a warm and familiar feel. The kicks are clean and pronounced, as we’ve come to expect from option4 through the years, pairing perfectly with hi-hat rattles and a big, soulful vocal sample.

Wherever your weekend takes you, even if it actually is a farmer’s market, make sure you have “The Melancholy Tribute of Bodhi Page” on hand and ready to jam.

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