Last Thursday we announced that we had a BIG surprised for the awesome readers of The Music Ninja. Basically we were so happy to finally reached 1,000 fans on our Facebook page, that we decided to celebrate by creating a better way for people to discover albums.

Its 2010 and almost anyone can pirate an album. More and more music blogs get a bad rep because some bad apples leak entire albums prematurely. Although The Music Ninja is a sneaky and ruthless creeper of mp3’s, we have come up with a way to share our favorite albums with you without breaking the law. Inspired by the Hype Machine Album zeitgeist, we too used the wonderful music services of Grooveshark. Grooveshark is an amazing website that lets you stream music for free and unlike they don’t FORCE you to sign up. Thanks Grooveshark!

Although there are still a couple of things we need to add I want to share with you The Music Ninja’s Album Collection.

If you mouse over the album art, you will notice that the band name and title of the album appear under it. Once you select and album, it will automatically start playing. Reviews and concert information appear right below while the album information appears on the right.

Nice and simple. We will provide links to where to buy the album as well as more information about the tracks.

As of right now we are running the two sites independently so it might be confusing since they look completely different. Over the course of the next couple of days you will see some layout changes so that there is a smooth transition between our main site and our album section.

So go and check it out! We have just added the new album Transference to our album section. Transference is full with attitude. A relaxing rock album that keeps you on your toes with its constant change of tempo. Spoon has always been able to capture the very core of rock and roll combining delicate melodies with aggressive rock riffs. Every song comes off as genuine and meant to just rock out with it. Is this the best album we have heard from them? I would not declare that just yet but I can assure you this album is as solid as a spoon can be (not including the spoon from the matrix).


Spoon – Written in Reverse

’1 Written in Reverse.mp3′
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