WHATT (not to be confused with Lil’ Jon’s most popular syllable) is a hip/hop influenced dj that for some time now has been obsessed with electronic dance music, and can you blame him? Whatt has been crafting his art for almost fourteen years now and his experience becomes transparent on all his jams. Now, going by his moniker DOSVEC, he sent a couple track our way and we couldn’t resist not sharing. Even though “I’m On a Boat” is sooo 2009, you cant argue that is an immediate crowd pleaser, making it a great party track for any DJ to have. Yet out of all the remixes out there, Dj Whatt’s version completely takes the prize. The interchanging rhythmic vocal loop he lays at minute 2:57 is purely genius.

The Lonely Island – Im on a Boat (Dj DOSVEC Remix)


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