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Over the course of the next couple of weeks (starting June 1st) there will be many exciting changes when it comes to layout redesign, new features, increasing the amount of quality editorials/posts, and expanding our sub-genre coverage. Before we start changing things around, I want to know what you guys think of the site. We want to make 2011 an explosive year and I am EXTREMELY curious to have your feedback.

PLEASE PLEASE no matter if it is your first time here, or a fan from long ago, I would like for you to comment below with any type of ideas, suggestions and expectation you would want from us this year. It doesn’t have to be specific to us, is there something music blogs lack? Something we can improve. POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE!

You guys, the readers of this site are the most important people to me and I just want to make sure we can please your ears for years to come.

So a couple of questions I would like answered.

1) Is there a genre you would like to see more coverage? (ive done a lot of electro lately, should we cover more indie/hip/hop too?)
2) Would you like us to tell you about upcoming events in your area?
3) Do you want more posts per day? Keep things easily digestible?
4) Would you be interested in a no-ads weekly newsletter summarizing the week (including mp3 links)?
5) More compilations and zip files?
6) A better music player with continues play? Radio features?
7) A way to voice your feedback? better commenting system or ways to favor posts?
8) More ticket, album giveaways?
9) Would you mind a black themed website? or Keep things like now?

-Thank you so much! Blas Yaselli (founder/editor)

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