Her ‘current location’ on Facebook (yes we’ve been stalking her) is Copenhagen and the world. That’s just a slight indication as to how things are kicking off for this Danish songstress. Having grown up with a touring Balkan dance troop, she’s no stranger to travelling. After a stint in NYC training as a dancer, we’re ecstatic she’s ditched the flamboyant moves to bring us some of the most audacious pop this year.

Recently we featured the Shook remix of her earlier release ‘I Lay My Head‘, but ‘Out Of It‘ is a gem in it’s own right. There is no doubt that Fallulah, aka Maria Apetri, is willing to push the boundaries of conventional female pop, ‘I’ll never know what I’m capable of ­- If I don’t go where I’m scared to be lost’. Her racy chants and regimental percussion go hand in hand with the new ghostly video, a world of crazy beasts and dark tortured nights. This is one Danish girl not to be messed with.

Fallulah – Out Of It by guiidf

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