Imad Royal

Imad Royal is one of those dynamic artists that are hard to come by. He started out with minimal underground productions and has grown into an artist that has been able to fuse the commercial with the underground. He hops between styles without strain, moving from trap to pop with no issues. Just take his latest original, “Selfish,” that sees the DC producer bringing another radio-friendly jam to the table that has all the merit you could ask for in a record.

“Selfish” was produced by Imad Royal and Brenton Duvall, with the former performing the vocals on the track as well, which has now become a traditional element in Imad’s creative process. Because of the minimal style of Imad, his records tend to be ones that are easily memorable, and this one is no different, especially with these lyrics. With “Selfish” comes the promise for even more music with the artist declaring we can expect much more soon. We’re certainly not mad about that, and I don’t think you will be either.

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