Jack Garratt

They are raw, they can be ugly, they can be invigorating, they can make or break a person to a point.
Jack Garratt takes all of those feelings and bundles them into a messy package with a uneven bow calling it ‘Worry’. The third song off his upcoming EP Remnants, which comes out July 14th, paints a vivid and intense picture of someone who carries a slight obsession with the person who left them. Garratt captures the pissed off feeling that comes with relationships when they end, the questioning of what happened and the obvious sarcastic rants that we all wish we could say to those who have left us. Garratt has an almost whimsical melody that radiates perfectly with his soft, yet stunning voice. He then brings in harder beats along with a rise in his voice and intensity when he is telling the person who left to not worry because he has it covered for the both of them. Garratt has the ability repeatedly to capture pure, unapologetic feelings within his songs, whether love, detest, hurt, or pure joy. His voice, lyrics, and melody combine for a lethal dose of emotion overload.

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Jack Garratt