Indie-Pop sensation Jhameel is back with a new series, and needless to say – we’re a bit excited. The series, which is titled ‘Are You Free’, takes Jhameel’s music down a different path as he explores the dance realm of Pop in some of his best work yet.

Similar to the ‘Waves‘ series that was released late last year, ‘Are You Free’ highlights 5 new tracks over 5 weeks, all accumulating to provide a set as a whole which will work as his latest EP.

“Are You Free” sets the tone for the EP by not only reiterating the motto in it’s title, but providing a message via Jhameel’s always catchy Pop vocals. It’s a distorted, anthematic Pop frenzy that dances along with a violent fury, yet seems to settle in your ears with an ironic tentativeness.

’Are You Free’
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