Luna Shadows

On July 1st, Luna Shadows is giving the world a gift, despite it being her own Birthday. The Summertime EP is going to be a special project for Luna, as it is her debut EP. Over the past few months, we’ve heard single after single, and the last one is finally here.

“Waves” is the fourth and final single from Luna Shadows that will make up her upcoming EP. The three previous tracks were absolutely phenomenal, but “Waves” may be the best one yet. She doesn’t stray from her dark, poppy style, but there’s just something extraordinary about this one. It’s not far-fetched that “Waves” could be a radio hit, as it has everything you look for in a smash record. We were already ready for the EP to drop, but now, are mouths are watering and our patience is no more. Until July 1st, you bet we’ll be streaming this an ungodly amount of times. We hope you will too! “Waves” is currently available on iTunes, along with the EP pre-order.

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