Free Energy steal from just about all your favorites through the past decades, even the ones you may not admit to enjoying. From classic rock titans like the Stooges, T-Rex, and Boston, all the way to 90’s alt-rock bands like Weezer and Pavement, Free Energy’s style of muscle-laden guitars, moderate tempos and punchy melodic hooks is one we’re all familiar with. It’s tried and true. It’s fun as hell, man. This album is about seizing life moment by moment through a refusal to sit still. It is about abandoning authority, and championing inhibitions of all else. Free Energy - Stuck On Nothing It’s wind in your hair, foam in your glass, and a summer’s worth of freedom. The band gets bonus points for sounding amazing, which is likely due primarily to the production work of James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem. Guitars are not only appropriately shredded track to track, dueling and solo alike, but they’re also mixed and processed in brilliant hi-fidelity stereo. Read full review at

Free Energy – Dark Trance

’Free Energy – Dark Trance.mp3′

Free Energy – Hope Child

’Free Energy – Hope Child.mp3′
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