Quiet Company 'Songs For Staying In' EP review
Sincere and effortlessly charming, Songs For Staying In is soulful 27-minute rendition of love, sex and those soft rock pop melodies that call for intimate affection. Lead by front man Taylor Glen Muse and his friend, Austin-based Quiet Company‘s new EP is the kind of record that only takes one listen to fall in love for. With smooth pop ballads like ‘If You Want’ and ‘Jezebel’ that incorporate longing honest vocals, playful electronic guitar riffs and plucks, and moving piano chords, the EP create a perfect enviroment for calling off work and staying in for the rest of the morning.

Not all is soft and slow. Instrumentally rich tracks like ‘Things You Already Know’ and ‘How Do You Do It’ serve as glorious rock anthems for the loved, the wicked and the wickedly in love, with bigger than life sounding songs that still remain grounded to a romantic overtone.

qc_album-coverThe Music Ninja does not ‘rate’ albums but I definitely give these collection of songs two thumbs up, and if it wasnt so gross, I would raise both my toes as well. Highly recommended and highly enjoyable, Songs For Staying In has not only made impression on my 2010 favorite lists of albums, but it has also gotten me excited to see what Quiet Company has stored for us in the future. A band to watch and a delicate rock/pop EP to check out.

Quiet Company – If You Want [Buy Here]

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Free MP3:Quiet Company – How Do You Do It

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