Puscifer – The Mission (Feat. Milla Jovovich)


What!?!?! Why does this song sound so amazing!? Puscifer is a side project of Maynard James Keenan aka “that guy from Tool and A Perfect Circle”.

Orginally named Umlaut (glad they changed it), this post-industrial, experimental project from his started in 2003 as “a premiere improvisational hardcore band”. His latest EP, ‘”C” is for (Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference HERE’ contains of a very wide range of musical elements. For example, The Mointain features the sweet vocals of Milla Jovovich but yet, paired with a daunting bassline and chafty repetative vocals, the whole things turns out to have come from the soundtrack of a thriller.

A bitter-sweet song that although comes off a bit dark, the subtle clean vocals softens your ears and sucks you in. You can get the entire album here

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