There’s no way to fully describe the joy of discovering a musical act for the first time. I’ll admit, when this first hit my inbox yesterday I was a bit skeptical. The UK’s answer to The Weeknd? Sounded too good to be true. After listening to the intro I was certainly intrigued, but four tracks deep into the mixtape I could say I was definitely hooked. While such comparisons aren’t unfounded, they don’t completely do the band justice. Yes, though deceiving, Xander The Great is actually comprised of two individuals: Eddy Atlantis on the boards, and Xander Taha handling the vocals and additional production. While the duo’s music can often match the grittiness and brooding nature of The Weeknd, their pieces are distinctly more expressive, allowing Xander to explore his full vocal range. And so, although Abel’s influences are sprinkled throughout the project, it’s evidently clear that the group is attempting to pave their own way in the musical realm. Check out a few of our favorites from Caves & Clouds below, and make sure to grab yourself a free download of the project as well.

DOWNLOAD: Xander The Great – Caves & Clouds

’Xander The Great – Anonymous’
’Xander The Great – Nowhere Far’
’Xander The Great – Young Kids’
’Xander The Great – Padded Cell’
’Xander The Great – Open Eyes’
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Xander The Great