Pretty Lights
Press Pause (Free n Losh Remix)

What is it about the electronic duos that come out of Toronto that we love? The originality of their sound, period.

Pretty Lights released the remixes of ‘A Color Map of the Sun’ this week and we have the pleasure of premiering one of those remixes by the highly talented duo Free n Losh. The Toronto based artists show us exactly why their remix is in the album, they take an already amazing song, ‘Press Pause’, and turn up energy, adding the duos signature touches. Lee and Myles add in a deep drum melody to start, muting the vocals to have an almost eerie appeal. Then, they add in those electronic drops and a few trap beats to enhance a new hardness to the original song.

These two Toronto boys can just add this remix to the list of their music successes. Keep the wow factor coming. If you have not already, be sure to check out the full PL remix album.

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